Sheridan Travel and Tourism Board to Expand

Sheridan's City Council heard plans to expand the Sheridan Travel and Tourism board at a meeting earlier this week. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The Sheridan Travel and Tourism board is changing, and the hope is that the change will be in place by July 1.

Sheridan County voters last November approved a county-wide lodging tax to replace the city lodging tax that's been in place the last several years. Along with the new county-wide tax, Shawn Parker, who's Sheridan Travel and Tourism executive director, said the board membership needs to change.

The proposal, which was presented by City Attorney Brendon Kerns to Sheridan City Council members in a study session earlier this week, is a nine-member Sheridan Travel and Tourism Joint Powers Board that would be made up of one representative each from the towns of Ranchester, Dayton and Clearmont, four representatives from the city of Sheridan and two from Sheridan County.

Parker said Sheridan County has already agreed to the proposal, and he thinks Dayton has also approved the plan. Approval is pending from the other three municipalities.

Parker said the suggestion is that the county-wide lodging tax will generate about $300,000 in additional revenues for travel and tourism in the county.

Parker said Sheridan Travel and Tourism has always tried to help the community as a whole, not just the city.

He said those involved in the organization know that the mountains are a draw for tourists, that places like the Brinton Museum, Eaton's Ranch and the mountain lodges are all part of the sum that makes Sheridan County's travel industry great.

View of the council at an earlier meeting Monday night. (Photo by Pat Blair)