Sheridan VA Thanks Country Kitchen

Sheridan's Country Kitchen restaurant on North Main Street has received a special award from the Sheridan VA Medical Center.

A plaque was presented last week to restaurant Manager Ryan Buchanan. The plaque reads, in part, “for the dedication and extraordinary service provided to our nation's veterans.”

The manager said the presentation was in recognition of the extra efforts that Country Kitchen staff make for customers who are veterans. He said staff members sit down and visit with the veterans, and even make meals for the veterans to take home.

The VA award specifically mentions, in addition to the manager, Assistant Manager Jenn Williams, and staff and sales people Bri Caldwell, Marsha Brown, Tammy Krueger, Nichole Pyle, Pam Ball and Melissa Dwinell.

Buchanan has been manager of Country Kitchen for more than 10 years. The restaurant has been in Sheridan for more than 20 years, and is open 24 hours a day. The manager said the restaurant has won other awards, but the one from the VA means the most to him.