Sheridan is Where People Want to Live

One of Sheridan's strengths is that it's a place where people want to live.

That's according to Jay Stender, executive director of Forward Sheridan and one of the 100 or so people who attended Wednesday night's economic forum.

Stender said two of Sheridan's strong draws are schools and the Sheridan VA Medical facility.

Stender said that includes national recognition for both school districts 1 and 2 for their academic quality. As for the VA, he said a good portion of the young families looking to relocate have had military service, and having a VA medical center is a positive for them. He said another positive for younger people these days is that Sheridan offers brew houses and coffee shops.

Stender said another advantage that Sheridan offers is a welcoming environment. He said this is a warm and engaging town, which is something that people coming from more urban environments don't always expect.