Sheriff Gives Report To Johnson County Commission

At their last meeting, the Johnson County Commission got an update from Sheriff Steve Kozisek on happenings and incidents concerning the department and the Criminal Justice Center.

Kozisek reported that the sheriff's office had 379 incidents during February, 125 through the dispatch center and the other 254 were officer-initiated. They had 20 arrests, 17 misdemeanors and three felonies during the month.

The population in the jail averaged 35 for the month, with 31 males and four females, he said, and the jail had 29 book-ins for the month which were 23 males and six females.

Kozisek said one aspect of the sheriff's officer that gets little attention is the civil process division and he explained why the division has been so busy.

Kozisek said his office processed 10 concealed weapons permits in January and 8 in February. He said there was a run on applications at the first of the year but that it has leveled off. Before the beginning of the year he would process about four of them a month, he said.