Sheriff Gives Year-end Report To Commissioners

Johnson County Sheriff Steve Kozisek

Johnson County Sheriff Steve Kozisek and Undersheriff Kerry Wolf gave their year-end report to the county commissioners, detailing numbers of incidents, arrests, and other pertinent numbers from 2015, during a recent commissioner's meeting.

Sheriff Kozisek said the county currently has 24 registered sex offenders living here. Of those, seven require quarterly verification of information visits to the sheriff's office, 12 require semi-annual verification and 5 require an annual verification.

In 2015 the sheriff's office conducted 52 forensic examinations of electronic devices, 16 phone exams and 32 others of various electronic equipment.

Kozisek and Wolf explained more about electronic forensic examinations.

Kozisek also reported an increase in overall calls in 2015 as compared to 2014. There were 5,810 total incidents, up from 5,305 in 2014. Of those 5,810 calls, the sheriff's office generated 835 case files from them.
Kozisek also reported investigating 45 car crashes, 73 felony cases, 307 misdemeanor cases and 50 warrants were served.

The sheriffs office made 209 misdemeanor and felony arrests compared to 215 in 2014. There were 169 misdemeanor and 40 felony arrests in 2015, compared to 182 misdemeanor and 33 felony arrests in 2014.

They issued a total of 1,179 citations during 2015, 78 were for criminal violations and 16 were for cats and dogs at large. 1,079 were moving violations.

Kozisek said his office delivered 1,311 civil process papers, 723 were criminal, 588 were civil. Those 588 civil papers generated $11,355 in income for the county.

The sheriff issued 140 concealed weapons permits last year, 57 of those were new permits and 83 were renewals. The county receives $15 of the fees charged for new permits and $5 of the renewal fees.