Sheriff Would Like to Have K-9 Program

At the budget meeting with county commissioners earlier this week, Sheridan County Sheriff said if the county comes up with a pot of gold and can spare some for his office, he would like to start a K-9 program.

“Lt. Thompson” is Lt. Allen Thompson in the sheriff's office. In an interview later in the week with Sheridan Media, Hofmeier said his office had a K-9 program in the past. He said he mentioned the K-9 program to commissioners because he thinks the program should be funded through the county.

Hofmeier said his deputy is still checking out the costs for the program, so he isn't sure at this time what those costs would be. Hofmeier said the dog lives with its handler, so the sheriff's office would pay for the food and other expenses associated with the animal. Other costs are to train both the dog and the handler. Hofmeier said in the previous K-9 program, the dog and handler had both national and state certification. He said the program is expensive.

Hofmeier said the dog handler is on call all the time except when he or she is on vacation.

The sheriff said his office had two dogs in the past, although not at the same time. He said one of the dogs was used strictly for drugs, and the other one was used for both drugs and for apprehension. He said his office is currently looking at the program to see which type of dog would be best, then will go back to the county commissioners with a dollar amount.