Sheryl Bunting Named Compass Champion for Children

Sheryl Bunting speaks at Compass breakfast after being named 2018 Champion for Children. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Deputy County Attorney Sheryl Bunting, who handles cases involving children and child abuse, is the Compass 2018 Champion for Children.

The honor was announced Friday morning during the organization's 2018 Light of Hope Breakfast and was presented by Tracy Jones, the 2017 Champion for Children.

Bunting said her work is about helping innocent children who find themselves in difficult situations. She said it's about parents who often don't know how to raise a child except the way the parents themselves were raised, and it's about children who still love their parents in spite of being abused.

Bunting said child abuse has, does and will continue to exist in Sheridan County, but there are many champions for children in the community.

Other speakers during the breakfast included Kassahn Mathson, the assistant executive director for Compass, and Art McCulloch, president of the Compass Center for Families board of directors.

Mathson talked about the Court Appointed Special Advocates – better known as CASA – which is a program of Compass. She said CASA volunteers speak for children when the children can't speak for themselves.

McCulloch said nearly 700,000 children in the U.S. are abused and neglected every day. He said that CASA isn't the only program managed by Compass. The organization also provides parent education classes, a parent visitation program and the Parent Liaison program started three years ago in Sheridan County School District 2.

McCulloch said more than 600 families in District 2 schools have been served by the liaison program.

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Compass Assistant Executive Director Kassahn Mathson speaks to breakfast attendees. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Also speaking was Compass board President Art McCulloch. (Photo by Pat Blair)