Signing Held for New Book on Clearmont

Cynthia Vannoy signs copies of her new book. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Cynthia Vannoy, who's a member of the Clearmont Historical Group, signed copies of her new book, “The Rails Come to Clearmont,” Saturday afternoon at Sheridan Stationery.

Terrill Foster, who's also a member of the historical group, said the book is the eighth in a series that started with publication, in 1992, of “A Backward Glance."

Vannoy is the author of the current book, and said she's published all but two of the books through her small company that she calls Backyard Press. She said that includes the covers and layout of the books.

She did some of her own research on the newest book in the series, and she said she spent probably six months in total putting everything together.

Foster said work started on the original book, “A Backward Glance,” in 1985. Then, after that book was published, the group didn't publish the first supplemental book until 2015.

Now, she said, book nine in the series is scheduled for publication in June this year, and Book 10, about the community of Passaic, is planned for next Christmas.

Close-up of Vannoy. (Photo by Pat Blair)