Smoke Detectors Donated to Sheridan Fire-Rescue

Sheridan Fire-Rescue has received a donation of 50 residential smoke detector alarms from the American Red Cross.

The KIDDE smoke alarms have a 10-year lifespan and contain a sealed lithium battery that lasts the life of the alarm. The smoke alarms are stand-alone models and are not hardwired or interconnected to existing alarms.

The fire department offers smoke detectors free of charge to citizens in the community who don't have the means to purchase their own detectors. Firefighters will visit peoples' residences and install the detectors in the proper locations.

Firefighters can also assist in replacing batteries in existing smoke alarms. Battery replacement is recommended at least once a year.

While at a home, firefighters can also perform a residential fire safety checklist to help residents recognize potential fire hazards and ways to make their homes safer.

Recommended installation of smoke alarms is one in each sleeping room, one in a common area outside sleeping rooms and one on each level of a residence.

Sheridan Fire-Rescue also recommends that people have a working carbon monoxide detector on every level of the home. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that's colorless and odorless and can only be detected with a properly working detector.

Sheridan Fire-Rescue accepts donations from the public for the purchase of smoke detectors.