Snowstorm Knocks Out Power

An overnight storm, Monday to Tuesday, that dropped about a half a foot of snow in eight hours in parts of Sheridan County is to blame for the power outage that knocked out electricity to 6,300 customers of Montana-Dakota Utilities for up to three hours early yesterday morning.

That was Laura Lueder (LOO-ter), a spokesperson for the company. She said the power went out at 3:20 Tuesday morning and was back on for most customers within about an hour, by 4:30, with a few others not reconnected until 6:30. She said the customers affected lived on the south side of Sheridan, and in the towns of Story, Banner and Big Horn.

Meteorologist Chauncy Schultz of the National Weather Service in Billings said the storm blew in from the west coast.

He said the storm came in pretty quickly.

Again, that was when we spoke to him, yesterday. The good news, he said, is that the weather system has moved on to the south and east, so mild weather is building back into the region, bringing dry conditions by Friday and temperatures rebounding to the 50 degree mark by the weekend.