Some Concerns Raised Over Latest Technology For High School Students

Students use of personal technology is just beginning in elementary school but high school students have been using it for years. Sheridan Media News Director Kurt Layher learned about the reasons for limiting use at school.

Twenty years ago there was a running joke that if you wanted to program your VCR to record a program get a kid to do it. Today’s youth seem to be very good at learning all the ins and outs of the latest technology. Many Sheridan High School students have cell phones and other high tech devices. A few years ago there was a large problem with phones disrupting classes and that led to a “no cell phone” policy during school hours. Principal Dirlene Wheeler says that students are innovative in the way they use their phones.

Just as in the elementary schools, teachers walk a fine line because many of the students carry the phones at the request of parents. And is there anything the school can do about texting outside of school hours that has an effect on students in school?

Educators must take the good with the bad and there are several recent innovations that are making learning much more efficient in our digital world. Tomorrow we’ll highlight one of those technologies and show how high school math students are seeing instant results.