Special SAWS JPB Meeting

SAWS held a special meeting Monday to consider a loan application with the State of Wyoming

The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board held a special meeting Monday to consider and ultimately approve a resolution authorizing an application to the state for a Drinking Water State Revolving Loan. The loan would pay for SAWS share of the costs of upgrading the Big Goose and Sheridan Water Treatment Plants to meet the government mandated standards for giardia and cryptosporidium removal.

That's SAWS Administrator Rod Liesinger, who says that the design for the upgrades is moving forward.

Total project cost for the treatment plant upgrades to meet the EPA standards is $5.9 million. The cost share agreement between SAWS and the City of Sheridan is for SAWS to fund $1.1 million of the project and the City to fund $4.8 million.

The decision on the loan application will be decided upon by the SLIB Board at their October meeting. The upgrades to both treatment plants need to be completed by October, 2013. Liesinger stated that if they can secure the loan and the design plans remain on schedule, they'll have the project completed by August, 2013.