State Canvassing Board Certifies Election Results

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(Courtesy photo)

The Wyoming State Canvassing Board certified the State’s General Election results Wednesday in Cheyenne.

The board is comprised of Governor Matt Mead; Secretary of State Ed Murray; State Auditor Cynthia Cloud; and State Treasurer Mark Gordon. Secretary of State Murray, who’s also the Chairman of the Canvassing Board, said nearly 260,000 turned out for last week’s election.

Murray and Governor Mead will both sign a certificate of election for each of the 60 elected Representatives in the Wyoming House, 15 elected Senators in the Wyoming Senate, and one certificate for the State’s newly elected U.S. Congressional Representative.

The governor and secretary of state will also sign 21 certificates of retention for retained Wyoming Supreme Court Justices, and State District and Circuit Court judges. Constitutional Amendment A, which was passed by voters, was also certified by the board.