State GOP Delegation May Have Up-Down Vote on Donald Trump

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Have you ever seen anything like the current political race for president of the United States?

After watching from 1956 to 2012, I have never seen anything like this bizarre Trump-Cruz-Hillary-Bernie circus. It “trumps” any other presidential election.

Perhaps its craziness can be blamed on GOP front-runner, businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump. Or maybe it is because of the incredible length of the campaigns and the fact everyone, everywhere can keep up with every single sound bite and rumor?

So here are some thoughts that go through my mind when it comes to this amazing event we are seeing:

• Not sure if Donald Trump has ever visited Wyoming but this state might play a key role in his effort to become president. Let me explain:

Wyoming Republican delegates will be the last ones to vote in the national GOP convention.  It is possible that when they do the roll call votes, the key to whether Trump can nail down a first ballot victory might come from the 29 delegates casting votes from Wyoming. Now that would be history making.

It happened once before in 1960 when Wyoming Democrats put John F. Kennedy over the top as the last state voting at the end of the first ballot.

• Our freakish spring weather prevented big speeches by major candidates earlier in March when Bernie Sanders had to cancel visits to Casper and Laramie and former President Bill Clinton called off a visit to Cheyenne.

Our winters are mild in Wyoming – it is the Spring Weather than can knock you flat. 

• Getting back to Trump, one of my concerns about him is that he obviously relishes the chase and the competition of this long primary campaign.  But what if he did get elected? Does he really want to govern?

Much like many companies, the entrepreneur who started the place often ends up not being a very good manager, as the two jobs require quite different skill sets.

• It was interesting watching the candidates react to the terrorist attacks in Brussels compared to how President Barack Obama reacted.

The candidates came out swinging.  Trump was in a total tizzy.  Ted Cruz wants to patrol Muslim neighborhoods here in America.

Obama merely said we are doing the best we can but the reality is that is can be pretty difficult to weed out crazy individuals.

Based on those reactions, you can tell the difference between who are the candidates and who is the sitting president.

Cruz was apoplectic about Obama not leaving the baseball game in Havana between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team when the Brussels bombings occurred.  Obama stayed put. Then the president flew to Argentina and publicly danced the tango!

• One wag from our Fox News All-Stars coffee group correctly opined that every time there is a terrorist attack somewhere around the world, Trump gains more votes.  Hard to argue with that assessment, and it creates total chaos on the part of the other candidates.

• Most recently, a Cruz supporting running ads in Utah showing Trump’s wife posing the nude. And then the National Enquirer claiming Cruz is a serial philanderer. Never saw stuff like that before. Ever. 

• To me, the biggest surprise of the campaign season has been Bernie Sanders.  He is a 74-year old Jewish man who is not even a member of the Democrat party. He is the only independent in the U. S. Senate and yet is running a close second for the Democratic nomination behind Hillary Clinton.

His battle cry resonates. He feels the middle class has been left behind because of poorly planned international trade deals signed by the USA over the last 25 years. He has attacked Clinton for deals made by her husband, which obviously cost lots of Americans their good jobs.

• Right now, to me, it still looks like either an easy Hillary general election win over Trump or Cruz. 
Or, it could be an easy Trump win?

If Trump gets all of the Romney votes from four years ago (few of them will vote for a Democrat) plus if he picks up unhappy blue collar Democrat workers (known as Reagan Democrats) plus possibly even picking up perhaps 20 percent of Hispanics (who also want tough law and order), well, you can visualize an almost impossible scenario that might occur.

Four years ago, the Republican nominee Mitt Romney lost a huge number of potential votes when he was secretly recorded criticizing the 47 percent of Americans who receive some kind of federal aid and live below the poverty line. Those folks may vote for Trump with the promise of good, old-fashioned American jobs being restored due to better trade agreements with China, Japan and Mexico.

Well, well, well.  What a crazy election. Never seen anything like it before in my life.

And there is still a lot of time left. Stay tuned. 

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