State Health Office Offers Free Radon Testing Supplies

In recognition of January as National Radon Action Month, the state health department is offering free radon testing kits.

In an interview with Sheridan Media, Morgan Powell with the health department’s Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, told us how they work.

Obtaining them now is a savings of about $8 for two kits, she said, and provides a measure of prevention against the gas, which can cause illness and even death. Without the kits, she said radon is nearly impossible to detect because it seeps into your home from rocks, soils and water and has no smell. Even the symptoms of radon poisoning are difficult to connect to the illness because they mimic other conditions, like a persistent cough, breathing difficulties, wheezing, chest pain and respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis.

The kits are available by calling the health department at 307-777-8609 or by visiting the website --