State Supplemental Budget Released

Three weeks after the 2011 Wyoming Legislative Session began, the Joint Appropriation Committee, or JAC, has released its $667.3 million supplemental budget bill. The bill, known as HB0001 is available to read on the Wyoming Legislature's website, a link is here:

The bill, which the JAC approved on February 2nd, includes $215.3 million in new General Fund spending, $196.4 million in federal funds, $183.4 million from the School Capital Construction Account, and $72.2 million in other funds. Co-Chair of the JAC, Representative Rosie Berger, comments.

The House and Senate are tentatively scheduled to begin debate on HB0001 and identical SF0001 – General Government Appropriations, commonly known as the “Budget Bill” on February 14th, when each body will receive identical “mirror” copies of the bill to debate. So, should the document be renamed the “Valentine's Day Bill?”

Does Berger anticipate any amendments?

The Legislature adopted the current $3 billion General Fund budget during the Budget Session in March of last year. That budget is effective for two years.

State agencies have the option of submitting supplemental budget requests during a General Session for consideration by the Governor, who then makes recommendations to the JAC for the year’s supplemental budget.