Students Say They're the Change

W.A.T.CH members Lillian Cannon and Gavin Young joined Leslie Stratmoen on Public Pulse. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)
W.A.T.CH Facilitator Tracy Hewitt-Adams -- Photo by Leslie Stratmoen

A group of students at Sheridan High School are working together to bring about positive changes.

News Director Leslie Stratmoen has the report.


Each weekday for lunch, a group of students at Sheridan High School goes to what’s been described as their own personal club house in the career center.

The students are the W.A.T.CH kids who’ve taken commitment seriously. They’ve all vowed to stay away from drugs and alcohol and commit to making positive choices and helping others do the same. W.A.T.CH stands for We Are The Change.

Gavin Young joined the group as a freshman and said being a member has helped him learn how to deal with potentially difficult situations.

Member Lillian Cannon said being a member of the group has helped her, too, and continues to provide guidance.

Both are juniors at the high school who are busy right now as part of their work with the group raising money for the after-school prom in the spring.

Facilitator Tracy Hewitt-Adams, who serves as the group’s supervisor said the club's been active at the school for six years, and has gone from 10-300 members, who’ve all signed pledges. Though, for the most part, she said, there’s about 30 who meet regularly for lunch in the school career center, where the perks include a refrigerator and pool table.

Other perks of the club, she said, are get-togethers off campus.

In addition to fund-raising, the W.A.T.CH members also volunteer for a variety of community service projects, like the one they're busy with right now – folding newsletters for the local animal shelter.

So, if you have a project you need help with, the supervisor said give them a call at the school. And they'll always accept donations of money or items for the after-prom party, because their hope is to send everyone home that night with a gift.