Stults: PLC Institute 'Outstanding Event'

School District 2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty starts Friday morning's PLC Institute session. (Photo by Pat Blair)

An instructional coach from a Cheyenne elementary school said she and her colleagues have learned a lot at this year's PLC Institute at Sheridan College.

The event, put together by Sheridan County School District 2 and featuring District 2 teachers as well as three nationally-known educators, ended Friday after three days of speeches and break-out instructional sessions.

Cheyenne teacher Laura Drake, who spoke with Sheridan Media at Thursday night's party, said implementing professional learning communities, which is what PLC stands for, is part of the plan when she returns to Cheyenne.

District 2 Director of Education Scott Stults said the three-day institute was an outstanding event.

Stults said final registration numbers were 280 teachers. Keynote speaker Friday was nationally-known educator Stephanie Harvey, who was also a keynote speaker at last year's institute. Harvey spoke about the importance of incorporating reading and math into other subjects, such as social studies and science. She said many schools in the nation are responding to the testing requirement in reading and math by reducting class time in other subjects.

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Stephanie Harvey, Friday's keynote speaker. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Teachers attending the Institute crowd a table to buy books. (Photo by Pat Blair)
The PLC Institute's message on the concert hall screen. (Photo by Pat Blair)