Supreme Court Justices Featured at You Be the Judge

Audience volunteers played the roles of supreme court judges Thursday night. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Wyoming Supreme Court Chief Justice E. James Burke and Justice Michael Davis talked about how judges are selected, the Supreme Court and the Rule of Law that courts follow in the United States during Thursday's You Be the Judge event at Sheridan College.

Thursday was the second installment of this year's You Be the Judge program, which started Tuesday night in Sheridan. Sheridan attorney Stacy Kirven elaborated on Thursday's program.

Five volunteers from the audience were selected to hear a case involving an alleged violation of a person's rights under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That amendment guarantees the rights of people against unreasonable searches and seizures. Before the case hearing, the two Supreme Court justices spoke to the audience. Burke said there are three ways to select judges, including elections, appointment and merit selection.

He said merit selection is used in Wyoming, with a judicial nominating commission submitting a list of three names from which a judge is chosen by Wyoming's governor. Wyoming adopted that system of selecting judges in 1972.

According to Kirven, this is at least the third year for the Sheridan County Bar Association to host the You Be the Judge event. She said she has only been in Sheridan since the year before last, so she doesn't know if the event was held here before that.

View more photos below.

From left, Supreme Court Justice Michael Davis, Chief Justice E. James Burke and Sheridan County Bar Association President Christopher Sherwood. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Local attorneys Amanda Roberts, left, and Kevin Kessner played the roles of attorneys in the case appealed to the Supreme Court. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Roberts argued the case for the appellant. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Kessner as the attorney for the prosecution. (Photo by Pat Blair)