Take-Back Program Successful

This 2-foot high box was filled nearly to the top by the time Sheridan's Take-Back day ended.

Two weeks ago, Sheridan County Law Enforcement, along with Sheridan Media, took part in the first annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Program.

A media release from the Denver, Colorado office of the Drug Enforcement Agency tells us that Colorado, Utah, Montana and Wyoming contributed mightily to the nationwide effort.

The DEA is deeming the first-year effort “overwhelmingly successful,” with the American public turning in “more than 242,000 pounds of prescription drugs.

Colorado collected 9,257.8 pounds of prescription drugs; Utah collected 3,076.8 pounds; Montana collected 1,195.5 pounds; and Wyoming communities collected 662.2 pounds.

The release states that the Take-Back Initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. The release goes on to indicate that “expanding take-back efforts nationwide is a key strategy in preventing prescription drug diversion and abuse, while safeguarding the environment.”

Congress cleared legislation on October 6th for President Obama that will allow DEA to create a framework for a permanent solution for prescription drug disposal. Currently, there are no legal means to transfer possession of certain prescription drugs for disposal. Until permanent regulations are in place, however, DEA will continue to hold one-day take-back programs.