Technology May Allow People To See Developments Before They Happen

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that may be true now more than ever when it comes to planning future land use. Public planners have relied on conceptual drawings and wordy legal property descriptions when evaluating development projects in the past. The City of Sheridan could start using a process that allows actual photographs to be used that would be edited to show proposed developments. Landscape Architect Robert Snieckus says the technology is getting simpler but it is not new.

Recent innovations in computer technology have allowed more people access to the process. The software used to alter the photographs is similar to a Photoshop program. What is the difference between these photos and conceptual drawings?

Snieckus will hold a public workshop tonight at the C-TEL Presentation Hall at Sheridan College. The City will also hold two public input sessions tomorrow at City Hall.

Community Presentation with Bob Snieckus, NRCS – C-TEL Auditorium @ Sheridan College, Tuesday September 29th, 6-8PM

Community Discussions with City representatives – City Hall Council Chambers, Wednesday September 30th, 9-11AM and 2-4PM.