Three Poaching Incidents Reported in Sheridan County

A local game official says an upsetting situation has developed in the Sheridan County area over the past couple of months, in regard to the illegal killing of animals.

Bud Stewart of the Sheridan Game and Fish office says, just over the weekend, two deer were shot and killed out of season in the Parkman area and another a couple of weeks ago near Clearmont.

So, he continues to ask everyone to be on the lookout for illegal activity. Basically, he said, if you see anything suspicious or unusual, jot down the time and place and even a license plate number if a vehicle is involved, and report that information to the Game and Fish Department. The number is posted below. He said, tips do make a difference. Someone called the tip line following his plea for help made last month during a live interview on our Public Pulse show and the information led authorities to a poaching suspect who was cited for illegal activity.

Game and Fish tip line -- 1-877-WGFD-TIP