Three Sentenced In District Court

Three sentenced in District Court Tuesday.
Three sentenced in District Court Tuesday.

It was a busy day for sentencing in the courtroom Tuesday, as 25-year-old Leo Pinnick plead guilty to Aggravated Assault and Battery in 4th Judicial Court. The charge stems from an incident on July 11th, 2009 during Rodeo weekend in Sheridan, when Pinnick beat 24-year-old Neal Switzer with a baseball bat and a lead pipe. As part of a plea agreement with the State, Pinnick was given a suspended sentence of 2-5 years with 4 years probation, and a split sentence of 12 months. Pinnick was given credit for time served, which means he will remain incarcerated for an additional 87 days before his release.

4th Judicial District Court Judge John Fenn also ordered Pinnick to pay $323,000 in restitution for the medical bills that Switzer incurred from the assault.

In another case, 25-year-old Brandan Bailey was sentenced for Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Escape From a Detention Facility. Bailey escaped from the Wyoming State Hospital in April of 2009, where he was getting treatment for his heroin addiction. Prior to being transported to the State Hospital, Bailey had been incarcerated at the Sheridan County Detention Center on a possession charge. Bailey was arrested in San Francisco in August of 2009, and extradited back to Sheridan in December of 2009. Judge Fenn sentenced Bailey to 1 ½ to 4 years on the possession charge, and 2 to 3 years on the escape charge. The sentences will run consecutively; however, the escape charge was suspended in lieu of 3 years supervised probation. Judge Fenn also ordered Bailey to pay over $1,000 in extradition fees.

And 22-year-old Chance Vance was sentenced to 2 to 4 years for burglarizing the Quik Sak convenience store in Sheridan on December 1st, 2009. Judge Fenn also ordered Vance to attend the Wyoming Boot Camp in Newcastle and pay over $1,700 in restitution for the merchandise he stole from Quik Sak.