Tongue River Valley Pipeline Project’s Moving Forward

As mentioned previously, Ranchester Mayor Peter Clark updated the Sheridan County Commission Tuesday on the gas pipeline project proposed by the Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board.

During an exclusive interview with Sheridan Media following the meeting, he provided the background, then brought us up to date.

From that point, he said, they hired WWC to be their consultants to draft a proposal for the SLIB board. He said it’s become, at this point, more than a local project.

Pumping the fuel to the schools there, he said, is the most important aspect, because of the cost savings. But, he said, the situation regarding fuel cost is a bit different now than it was when they launched the project.

In dollars, as a personal comparison, he said, instead of paying $700 a month for propane at his home when fuel was $4 a gallon, his monthly bill has gone down to just under one hundred dollars.