Trevor Dunham Arraigned in District Court

Sheridan County Courthouse addition houses 4th Judicial District Court

21-year-old Trevor Dunham was arraigned in 4th Judicial District Court Thursday morning. Dunham is being charged with three counts.

Count 1 is a Felony, Possession with the Intent to Deliver – Heroin. Count 2 is a Felony, Possession with Intent to Deliver – Cocaine. Count 3 is a Misdemeanor, Possession with Intent to Deliver – Marijuana.

Counts 1 and 2 each carry a possible sentence of ten years in prison, a fine of $10,000, or a combination of both. Count 3 carries a possible sentence of twelve months in prison, a fine of $1,000 or a combination of both. Dunham plead “Not Guilty” to all three counts.

Dunham is represented by Sheridan attorney Ryan Healy; Deputy County Attorney Darci Arsene is prosecuting for the State.

Also addressed was when to hold Dunham's trial. Judge John Fenn said that Dunham is already scheduled for two other cases, slated for August 31st of this year. It was decided that tentatively, this current case will be added as #3 onto the August date, with the possibility it may be moved to October.

After making his plea, several minutes were spent discussing a petition to revoke bond. Healy told Judge Fenn that he'd received an evaluation earlier this week from Big Horn Mountain Recovery indicating that Dunham is in need of a more intense treatment program than he would receive if he were to stay in Sheridan. The document recommended Dunham go into inpatient treatment at a facility in Colorado.

Healy also said that sitting in jail is not doing Dunham any good, when he could be getting a head start on treatment. He added that the nearly thirty days Dunham has been incarcerated has brought him to a complete state of being “stone cold sober” for the first time since Dunham was 14 years old, and that he'd had to be hospitalized when initially incarcerated because of the degree of withdrawal symptoms he'd experienced.

Arsene countered that Dunham had gotten out of jail when a family friend paid a $5,000 cash bond for Dunham's earlier crimes, and that while out on bond, she told Judge Fenn that Dunham “upped the ante” with heroin and cocaine, making it the first known time heroin was in Sheridan County. She said he was also not just using the drugs, but planning to distribute them, making him a danger both to himself and to the community.

Arsene said that if Dunham remains in jail, he is safe; he will only continue to add more days to his sobriety, making him better prepared for almost certain treatment at a later time.

Judge Fenn agreed, revoked the earlier $5,000 bond, and maintained the $100,000 cash-only bond originally set by Sheridan County Circuit Court Judge John Sampson.

For news, this is Mary Jo Johnson reporting.