'Trials' Subject of Brown Bag Seminar

Lynn Gordon listens to a comment from one of those attending her Brown Bag Seminar. (Photo by Pat Blair)

How we deal with change and fear was the focus of Sheridan Counselor Lynn Gordon in her Brown Bag Seminar this week.

Gordon said everyone has to face change. And an important component, she said, is how we spend our days.

Change can bring fear, and Gordon talked about the kinds of fear and how to deal with them. She also talked about our three brains.

Gordon said we should always listen to our gut. If the gut says don't do it, she said, then don't do it. She said there's research out now that how we approach a negative situation determines how the body is going to react.

She said a positive response sends chemicals to the heart that actually help strengthen the heart. Gordon said her Brown Bag Luncheons and After Hours seminars are her way of sharing information that she's collected and stored through the years. The events are free to the public, and open to anyone who wants to attend. She said her next Brown Bag Luncheon will be on March 8.

View another photo below.

Gordon writes information to emphasize her talks. (Photo by Pat Blair)