Two Cheers for...Statistics?

You may not have heard the news yet, but this Wednesday is to be the first-ever World Statistics Day. Fifteen federal statistics agencies are hosting this week's event, which is called “National Statistics:Sound Science, Sound Policy, Strong Democracy,” and it will be held in Washington, DC. However, DC is not the only world capitol where there will be “statistics celebrations.” Michael Cook, Chief of 2010 World Statistics Media Relations, says the event was organized by the United Nations General Assembly in order to promote the importance of the “statistical profession” around the world:

And national statistical data is important, not just for those wearing pocket protectors and horned-rimmed glasses, but for just about all of us, Michael says:

Plus, statistics can just be, well, interesting. So if you're ready to celebrate World Statistics Day on Wednesday, here are a couple of Wyoming stats to get you ready: According to the latest data from the Census Bureau, over one-fourth of Wyomingites reported German ancestry, while 16% had ancestors who “hopped the pond” from England and around 13% from Ireland. Roughly 4 and a half percent of us regularly walk to work. And, if you are among the percentage of Wyomingites who use the internet, you can get the “whole scoop” for Wyoming and national data by visiting: