Two Day Legislative Forum Wraps Up At Sheridan City Hall

The 2-day legislative forum sponsored by the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce wrapped up Thursday at Sheridan's City Hall. Our local legislators heard from over 20 different groups and agencies over the two day period, with topics ranging from property taxes to funding possibilities.

Representative Rosie Berger comments on the legislative forum and some of the things she'll take to Cheyenne for the Budget Session.

Some have recommended that the legislature tap into their rainy day or reserve fund to make up for the drop in state revenue. Berger explains that a quick fix isn't the answer for the future.

There is a phrase that has been used by legislators lately that may best describe why the economic impact on Wyoming is still so uncertain at this time.

Berger said that if there is a major upward change in our economy over the next year, the legislature in 2011 can look at a supplemental budget to address some of the needs throughout the state.