UW Cancels Ayers Appearance

William Ayers appearance at UW has been cancelled.
William Ayers appearance at UW has been cancelled.

The University of Wyoming announced Tuesday that they have canceled the scheduled appearance of William Ayers that was to take place Monday April 5th. Ayers, a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, was to give a speech sponsored by the UW Social Justice Research Center, based on his article "Trudge Toward Freedom: Educational Research in the Public Interest."

President of the University of Wyoming Conservatives and current Student Brian Profaizer says that social networking by more than 600 students online helped stop the event.

Profaizer stated that school officials did a good job of listening and reacting to people's concerns over Ayers upcoming appearance.

Ayers is infamously known best as the founder of the radical group Weather Underground that was active from 1969-1977. The Weather Underground participated in a campaign of bombings of government offices and banks during that time.

In a statement released by the university, UW President Tom Buchanan thanked the center for reconsidering its invitation to Ayers. Buchanan said academic freedom is a core principle of higher education, but that the visit by Ayers would have adversely affected the public's confidence in the university.