UW Students Attend Reciprocal Meat Conference

UW meats judging team members, from left, Jacob Logar, Haley Cole, Erika Eckhardt, and Clara Ritchie just prior to entering competition at the Reciprocal Meat Conference in Fort Collins.(Courtesy Photo)

Four of the University of Wyoming meats judging team students, along with their coaches and a Cowboy Branded Meats summer intern, attended the Reciprocal Meat Conference in Fort Collins, Colorado recently. The American MEat Science Association hosts the annual event with JBS USA Food Company and Colorado State University according to a release. The conference consists of technical programming, social events, and student activities. One such program that the students took part in was the Quiz Bowl competition.

Each round involved 40 questions covering meat science topics with head to head competitions between students taking up the first half of questions and the latter half in a free for all format. UW’s team lost their 3rd round Border War matchup against CSU but not before winning their first two duels against Utah State and UC Davis. They were eligible to compete in the 4th round but came up short against Texas A&M. Other events included an Iron Chef Competition, a career fair, and a final day picnic complete with a softball game. The coaches said they hope to add a few more students to the team when they head to Disney World in Florida to attend next year’s conference. The next conference will be hosted in conjunction with the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology.