Valentine's Day Baby at Sheridan Memorial

Jessica Nixon holds her new-born daughter Khloe Jean who was presented with a new infant child safety seat and other safety devices because she was the first baby born after Valentines Day at Sheridan Memorial Hospital this year. Also in the picture is a Valentine quilt made by hospital volunteer Mary Edwards.

You know that Sheridan Memorial has typically honored the birth of the first baby born in a new year, but this year, they've added Valentine's Day to the list.

Through the Safe Kid's Sheridan County Chapter and Sheridan Memorial Hospital, and as part of the Gift of a Mother's Love program, Jessica Nixon of Ranchester was celebrated for the birth of Khloe Jean, born February 16th at 11:30 a.m.

Teddy Araas is the Executive Director of the Wellness Council of Sheridan County. She tells us how they honored mom and daughter.

Araas says that they've got a real go-getter spearheading the Safe Kids Chapter at Sheridan Memorial.

She describes the purpose of the Safe Kids organization.

Araas says that the hospital has just gotten two nurses in Women's Health nationally certified as car seat safety technicians.

To learn more about car seat safety or other Safe Kids information, call Teddy Araas – (307) 672-1000