Voters Renew One-Cent Optional Tax, Approve County-Wide Lodging Tax

The one-cent optional sales tax has been renewed for another four years, and the lodging tax will go county-wide next year.

Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller said he was excited about the passage of the sales tax, adding the revenues will mean a lot to the community over the next four years.

Miller said the city's share of the sales tax revenues in the past has been about $3.2 to $3.4 million. Sheridan County and the municipalities of Dayton, Ranchester and Clearmont also receive a share of the funds based on population.

Miller said in addition to infrastructure, such as roads and streets, sales tax revenues help fund some of the county's social agencies such as the senior center – now known as The Hub on Smith Street – the Downtown Sheridan Association and the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce and Forward Sheridan.

Voters also approved broadening the scope of the lodging tax, which is a tax collected by hotels, motels and other lodging facilities.

Revenues are used to promote the area for tourism. In the past, the tax has been collected strictly within the city of Sheridan, but starting next year, the tax will be collected county-wide.