WBC's Spencer Gives Presentation On Jo Co's Economics

Dave Spencer, Northeast Regional Director for the Wyoming Business Council, is traveling this part of the state, giving local governments and other organizations a presentation on the economic situation for the counties and municipalities therein.

Spencer gave the presentation to the Johnson County Commissioners at their last meeting, and explained why he is doing them throughout the northeast corner of the state.

Spencer talked about what currently drives the local economy, such as energy/minerals, tourism, agriculture, and construction, as well as how to spur economic development in the future.

Population trends have been steadily moving up, even during times of economic downturns, and Spencer showed a population of 6,100 in Johnson County in 1990, with projections showing the county population to be near 9,000 by 2020.

The labor force has remained relatively stable with a slight decline during that time, and average unemployment above the state average at 5 1/2%.
The average household income in the county is lower than the national average but has held steady over the last 25 years, and the poverty level has remained low.
All of these numbers, are indicative of a volatile local economy, according to Spencer.

He eventually summed up what business and governmental leaders need to concentrate on build more diversity into the local economy.

The information compiled in the presentation will be provided to the new Northeast Regional Director for the Wyoming Business Council when Spencer retires at the end of 2016.