Week in Review

Its time again to take a look back at some of the top stories this past week with this edition of the Sheridan Media Week in Review.

9-11 Remembered:

A 911 remembrance ceremony was held Wednesday morning at the Sheridan Fire-Rescue Department to honor those that were lost in the 9-11 attacks twelve years ago.
Sheridan Fire Chief Terry Lenhart reflects on the day that will forever be known as 9-11.


Alternative Schools Receive Praise:

Sheridan County School District 2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty praised the district's alternative schools Monday evening after Mick Wiest, a teacher at the Fort MacKenzie school, was named the district's Certified Staff Member of the Year. Dougherty told trustees that Fort MacKenzie has raised the bar for Sheridan's high schools, noting that the school has been recognized as not just a top alternative school but one of the top high schools in Wyoming.


Childhood Memories Re-Open Sheridan Inn:

An Oklahoma man is planning to re-open the historic Sheridan inn in the near future.

Bob Townsend of Oklahoma plans to purchase the inn by the end of next month. He says that he never imagined he'd play a role in the iconic landmark.

Townsend said circumstances beyond his control took him away from Wyoming when he was a boy, but he still has lots of family in the area.

He stated that his ties with the inn go deeper than just his childhood memories.

He said the first thing to do is get the place cleaned up, because it was under reconstruction and renovation when the bank foreclosed on the property. Then they hope to get the main floor meeting rooms and ballroom open for business as soon as possible.


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