Wesnitzer Operates 'Vertical Farm'

Wesnitzer checks on some of his plants. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Among the regulars at the farmers market operated by Landon's Greenhouse and Nursery is Joe Wesnitzer, who sells produce and value-added products that he grows in his greenhouse on Metz Road.

Wesnitzer said he started his vertical farm a couple of years ago.

Wesnitzer built a greenhouse of his own two years ago, a small one of about 1,000 square feet, and now raises several different kinds of lettuce as well as Swiss chard, kale and basil, which he uses to make basil pesto to sell at the farmers market.

He said the chard and kale aren't big sellers, but he does have some customers for them. He said March will mark the second year for growing lettuce, which he takes nearly every week to the year-round market at Landon's.

He said so far he's managed to get about 200 heads of lettuce a week out of his greenhouse.

Wesnitzer said at some point, he's planning to put up a second greenhouse, both to increase his production of lettuce and to add other vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Rows of lettuce growing in the greenhouse. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Wesnitzer shows the plumbing inside the greenhouse. (Photo by Pat Blair)