Whitney Art Center Nears Completion

Concert stage in the new Whitney Center for the Arts nears completion. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The new Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College is nearing completion.

College Facilities Manager Kent Anderson said work will be finished in July, and the center will be open for classes in September. Cost of the project is $20 million, of which Whitney Benefits Foundation is providing $16 million.

Anderson said the college is in the midst now of a campaign to raise the remaining $4 million through sale of seats in the concert hall that's part of the project.

Anderson said the project is a combination of new construction and expansion/renovation of the original art wing.

He said the new facility will hold all of the college's art and music programs.

He said the new concert hall is designed primarily around acoustics, and he explained how that was achieved.

He said the concert hall is kind of the grandiose space of the new art center, but the new art space is equally cool.

He said all of the college's arts and music programs will have more space when the new center is finished.

One of the new art rooms. (Photo by Pat Blair)
The concert hall, looking from the stage out toward the seating area. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Kent Anderson, foreground, in what will be the metal arts room. (Photo by Pat Blair)