Whitney Center for the Arts Flourishes In New Semester

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With the spring semester in full swing, the students and faculty of Sheridan College are accommodating more and more to the Whitney Center for the Arts as it continues to grow. Erin Hanke, Director of the Whitney Center, said that that the college is adapting very well to the new space.

As part of their recruiting initiative, the Whitney Center will host a music audition day on Saturday, February 11 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The audition will include a tour of the facility, a meeting with the program’s faculty, and a short audition intended to determine the student’s scholarship eligibility. Sheridan College band and jazz professor Eric Richards described the diverse music demographic that the audition is intended for.

To sign up for music audition day, visit http://www.sheridancollegemusic....

Sheridan College’s music ensembles will kick off their concert series in mid-Spring. Additionally, early March will feature several special concerts open to the public including the Toronto-based Swan Lake ballet on March 4 and the mirror string quartet on March 8.