WHP: Don't Ignore High Wind Advisories

WHP photo: Three tractor trailer combinations lay on their sides at mile post #4 in the median on Interstate Thursday afternoon as a result of strong winds blowing them over.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol says it's important to be mindful of High Wind Advisories. In the last 48 hours, troopers responded to at least fifteen tractor trailer blow-over crashes, according to a media release from Sergeant Stephen Townsend.

No fatalities were reported Thursday, but there were several injuries. Several closures across the southern half of the state have been put in place for light trailer vehicles. Townsend reminds motorists that it's important to understand the definition of 'No Light Trailers', and sent the full definition in the release:

“No light trailers: This advisory pertains to trailers of any size (commercial and non-commercial) which are loaded with light materials (or are empty) and have a profile that is subject to wind gusts. 

Drivers of such vehicles are advised not to travel when a 'no light trailers' advisory is posted, as they can anticipate strong gusts of wind that may result in the loss of control of their vehicle or the potential for their vehicle to completely blow-over. 

Blow-overs of light trailers are very common in Wyoming, and controlling a vehicle during a strong wind event can be even more difficult when slick road conditions are present. 

Any driver who fails to heed the 'no light trailer' advisory and who is involved in a crash can expect to pay a fine in addition to the expense of clean up costs and fees associated with repairing any damage caused to public and/or private property.” [emphasis added by Sheridan Media]

Also, check WYDOT's website for a full list of detailed closures. http://www.wyoroad.info/pls/Brow....

Strong winds, blowing snow hamper travel in Wyo.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Gusty winds are expected to make travel difficult in Wyoming again Friday. A gust of 81 mph was reported near Cheyenne just after 1 pm on Thursday.

Preliminary figures show that the highest mountains in the Tetons received about twenty inches of snow from the storm, but a mix of snow and rain fell in Jackson.

Forecaster Reid Wolcott said snowfall in the Wind River Mountains ranged from three to ten inches and between six and twelve inches in the Absarokas.