Wilson Trust Property May Get a Makeover

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The City of Sheridan intends to purchase the Wilson Land Trust property and lease it to the YMCA.

The Sheridan City Council approved a resolution authorizing submission of a grant application to the Wyoming Business Council that would allow for the City to purchase the Wilson Trust Property and lease it to the Sheridan County YMCA. The application for the Community Development Black Grant is for $500,000 for the purchase and demolition of the property.

The YMCA would fund nearly $578,000 of the project that would include maintenance and operations of the property and turning much of the area into green space for the the public to enjoy. YMCA Executive Director Jay McGinnis.

McGinnis said that the City's decision to move forward with the grant application was key to the project despite the $577,922 that the YMCA has received through private donations and commitments for the project.

The project would also allow for some additional parking space for Heritage Towers. The Wilson Trust Property is located just west of the Sheridan County YMCA at 334 North Jefferson Street. The appraised value of the property is $930,000.