Winter Weather Preparedness For the Imminent Cold Weather

At a week into the month of December, the meteorological winter is in full swing. The northern regions of the Rockies will experience their coldest temperatures of the season beginning next week in which temperatures may struggle to surpass the single digits.

According to the Department of Transportation, more than 1,300 people die and more than 116,800 people are injured annually in automobile accidents caused by snowy, slushy, and icy road conditions. Those traveling this holiday season should become more aware of travel hazards in order to ensure a safe journey.

To be more cautious, drivers should utilize their local weather service office to monitor the weather and study the current road conditions on the route they’re traveling. Drivers should also winterize their vehicles with appropriate cold weather modifications and make sure to pack a winter weather emergency safety kit for their car. For elaboration on steps and tips for winter weather and driving, visit

Anyone who assists the National Weather Service by promoting weather preparedness in their local community is a Weather-Ready Ambassador. To sign up and become officially recognized as an Ambassador of Wyoming or Montana, visit