Woman Accuses Governor of Recruiting Refugees

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead is shown speaking during his recent trip to Washington. (Courtesy Photo)

A local woman recently accused the governor of using tax-payer dollars to recruit high-risk refugees. News Director Leslie Stratmoen has the story.

During a recent broadcast of our local call-in news talk show, a woman in the community accused the governor of Wyoming of planning to flood the state with high-risk refugees from the Congo at taxpayers' expense. She based the accusation on a story she read on the internet.

Following her accusation, show Host Kim Love and I tried to find out where she was gathering her information.

Following the call, we dug a little deeper, not by going online. No, we decided to go to the accused source, the governor's office. Come to find out the governor did, indeed, talk about refugees, during a recent interview. More to the point, however, he suggested that the state come up with a resettlement plan for refugees entering the United States, legally, because Wyoming is the only state that doesn't have one.

In a statement released from his office, the governor said it's not a matter of states recruiting refugees, but about having a program to help them if they arrive. To achieve that goal, he said he's asked his staff to work with the University of Wyoming College of Law and relevant agencies to evaluate the range of possibilities on what a refugee resettlement program would look like in the state of Wyoming.