Wyoming Health Department Prepares Schools For H1N1 Flu

The Wyoming Department of Health and the Department of Education have been working very closely for several years, and this school year is no exception. The new threat of H1N1 Influenza is not something parents need to worry about, according to Health Department Director Doctor Brent Sherard.

Sherard also says that most schools already have the virus in their classes. The biggest preventative measures are still washing hands and coughing into elbows and sleeves rather than your hands if you are ill. What should we do if we do get sick?

There have been nearly 200 lab-confirmed cases of the H1N1 or swine flu, but officials know the actual number of cases is higher. Because of time and funding constraints, not everyone who wants to be tested can be. Sherard estimates that 90-to-95% of all reported flu cases in the last several months have been swine flu.

The same precautions should be taken this year as in past flu seasons. Flu vaccines are expected to be widely available starting next month here in Wyoming.