Wyoming News Update

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CASPER — The glare of the sunlight burned gold in Jason Martin's irises as he scanned the miles of undulating land from his perch 35 feet above the Powder River Basin. Long shadows crossed the grassland and sage below him in rhythmic cycles as the turbine blades caught the morning wind, churning power into PacifiCorp's electricity grid. An annoying whistling sound found its way through a window and into the small office bound by four walls of glass.


DENVER — The number of Coloradans whose homes are at risk from wildfires soared 45 percent in five years, reflecting the state's booming population and changing uses of agricultural land, state officials said Monday. The Colorado State Forest Service said 2.9 million people now live in the wildland-urban interface, defined as places where homes are built in or near areas that are prone to wildland fire.

WYOMING UNEMPLOYMENT — Recent data shows Wyoming's average rate of unemployment remains higher than national numbers.

WYOMING GOVERNOR-APPOINTMENTS — Wyoming's newly elected governor has chosen two high-level administrators already in state government to be attorney general and his chief of staff.