Wyoming OSHA Penalties to Increase in 2017

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The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Occupational Safety and Health Administration division, better known as OSHA, will be increasing the maximum penalties that can be assessed in February of next year. This comes as a result of Congressional action which required federal agencies to index civil penalties by the inflation rate, with a one-time catch up provision. This means Wyoming OSHA is required to adopt maximum penalty levels that are at least as effective as federal OSHA penalties.

The last time this was mandated by the federal legislation was in 1990 and this “catch up” will increase penalties by 78%. That takes the current maximum penalty of an other than serious violation from $7,000 for each violation to $12,471. It will also take the willful and repeat violation max penalties from $70,000 per violation to $124,709. These new penalties will be assessed on or after February 1,2017.