Wyoming "Step Up for Kids" Week

It's all about kids this week in the Cowboy State for local celebrations of "Step Up for Kids" Week. The week is designed to show public support for children as an investment priority.

Some of the statistics concerning Wyoming's children are grim: more than 11,000 don't have health insurance; 1/4 do not graduate from high school; and child care options are scarce in many areas. Deanna Frey with the Wyoming Children's Action Alliance says there is good news to share, too, in that the state hasn't ignored challenges children face.

Frey says family support programs around the state are numerous, but they currently don't have the resources to serve every child, or family, that needs assistance.

Events around the state, including one today in Rawlins, will showcase children's accomplishments, as well as resources for parents. Step Up for Kids is a national campaign to show public support for children as a priority investment.