Wyoming Welcomes Nationally Recognized Treatment Program to Serve State Foster Children

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Thousands of abused and neglected children nationwide cycle in and out of their biological or foster families several times without a permanent placement. This can leave these children without stable, consistent caretakers throughout their childhoods. The state of Wyoming hopes to end this cycle through their collaboration with the Institute of Attachment and Child Development (IACD)-a nationally recognized, non-profit organization from Colorado that has been treating adopted and foster children with reactive attachment disorder since 1972.

Reactive detachment disorder is the inability to form loving and lasting relationships, give or receive love or affection, form a conscience, or trust others, and is usually the result of early abuse or neglect. IACD hopes to prepare children in foster care to become family-ready for adoption and to work with adoptive families to preserve adoptions and prevent relinquishment with unique and effective treatments. The organization is also working with birth parents whose children live in foster care due to abuse and neglect.

IACD recently opened their doors for outpatient services in Cheyenne and hopes to open their in-patient program by late summer. The in-patient program will require extra time due to the select staff that they employ.

For more information, go to www.instituteforattachment.org.