Hersey Track Meet on Tuesday, May 25th

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The Sheridan Recreation District hosted the annual “Hershey” track meet, involving a soft ball throw, a standing long jump and lots of running events, yesterday at Homer Scott Stadium. (1 of 21)
Hershey's Track & Field Program was created over 30 years ago to promote youth physical fitness and provide fun learning experiences for children 9 to 14 years old. Youth track & field is a great way to get kids started in a physical fitness program. It's the largest youth sports program of its kind in the United States and Canada.Track and field events take place in every state and every province in North America. Hundreds of athletes make it to the grand finale — the North American Final in Hershey, Pennsylvania. http://www.hersheystrackandfield...


Dalton Parno
Dalton Parno