Hovercraft, Zamboni or Hydrostatic Trowel?

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Much has been accomplished at the Vacutech Building location in the nine months since the October 28, 2010 groundbreaking. Last week concrete was poured inside the structure. The south side and west end pour started at midnight on Wednesday and ran for about 12-hours. The photos shown here were taken around 9:00 am Thursday when the final west end pours and finishing of the south side were taking place. The floor now consists of 724 cubic yards of hardened concrete.

Though the equipment seen in these photos is efficient and amazing to see in operation, a vast amount of true hard physical labor was still required.  A lot of physical labor went into pouring out the trucks and hand troweling. Jon Schoenfelder, owner of Schoeny Builders of Sheridan, and his crew worked around the clock to get the job done. The first pour started on Wednesday, July 20th at 4 am. They worked through the night saw cutting and getting ready for the midnight pour. Then, finally calling it a day around 5:30 pm Thursday evening.

Vacutech - vacuum technologies corporation - is actually already doing business in Sheridan operating out of temporary facilities on East 8th Street where John (JT) Tucker oversees a work force that includes five May 2011 Sheridan College graduates. The new facility is looking forward to an August move in - after the concrete cures. For more about Vacutech see: http://www.vacutechllc.com/index...

Question: Is this a Hovercraft, Zamboni or Hydrostatic Trowel? Answer: A Hydrostatic Trowel