Results from the Connell Cup held Sunday August 4, 1:00 p.m. at the Big Horn Equestrian Center:

Big Horn Beverage defeated Sheridan Seed Co., 11-7.

MVP was Carlitos Galindo for Big Horn Beverage.

Best Playing Pony was “Jezebel” owned by G-String Polo Ponies, played by Richard Dudman

Big Horn Beverage:

#1 Anup Sidhu / Briana Galindo

#2 Carlitos Galindo

#3 Shane Rice

#4 Peter Taylor

Sheridan Seed Co.
#1 Wayne Garrison

#2 Richard Dudman

#3 Carlucho Arellano

#4 Kirby Taylor

Results from the Kurt Luplow Memorial, held Sunday August 4, 3:00 p.m. at the Big Horn Equestrian Center:

Note – the Kurt Luplow Memorial is a women’s tournament. This year, there were two flights.

In the “A” Flight, with three teams it was played as a round robin.

Game 1 -

Hammer Chevrolet defeated Century 21, 3-2.

Game 2 -

Pony Bar & Grill defeated Century 21, 2-0.

Game 1 -

Pony Bar & Grill tied Hammer Chevrolet, 1-1.

Pony Bar & Grill took the win on net goals.

MVP was Gillian Johnston for Hammer Chevrolet.

Best Playing Pony was “Sweet Stuff”, played by Hope Arellano.

Pony Bar & Grill:
#1 Sophie Yourish

#2 DeeDee Connell

#3 Kris Dalton

#4 Amanda Burns

Hammer Chevrolet:
#1 Hope Arellano

#2 Roni Duke

#3 Gillian Johnston

#4 Annie Ahern

Century 21:

#1 Maggie Boyle

#2 Katie Connell

#3 K.C. Krueger

#4 Julie Nicholson


The “B” Flight:

Baily One:

#1 Martha Gose

#2 Shirra Simhoni

#3 Stacie Williams

#4 Kris Dalton

Bailey Two:

#1 Candace Swanson

#2 Rebecca Colnar

#3 Janalee Thompson

#4 Amanda Burns

Bailey One defeated Bailey Two, 2-1.

This Sunday there are two games at the Big Horn Equestrian Center. The Fremont Motor Cup at 1:00, followed by the D.A. Davidson Cup at 3:00. This is a benefit day for the Dog & Cat Shelter. Representatives from the Shelter will be at the games, and donations will be gratefully accepted. This is a great cause!

Concessions will be available on the grounds.As always the clubhouse is open to the public after the game. Come meet the players and enjoy a drink on the patio.