SC Generals Rodeo results

The Sheridan College Rodeo team competed in Fort Collins, CO this past weekend at the CSU Stampede. Both the Men’s and Women’s team did very well there, with the women’s team placing 2nd overall and the men’s team placing 3rd overall.

The women’s team had a strong showing from Calby Hanson, Callie Robinson and Breanna Reimler.

Calby won the long round in the breakaway roping with a time of 2.3 seconds but broke out in the short round but placed 5th in the round and 5th in the average. The split on the times to make the short round was 8/10ths of a second from 1st to 10th place so it was very fast. Calby also made the short round with an 8.0 second run in the goat tying but was unable to keep her goat tied in the short round.

Callie Robinson also made the short round in the breakaway with a fast time of 3.0 seconds but she was unable to catch her calf in the short round, Callie is still sitting 2nd in the region in the breakaway roping. Callie also made the short round in the barrel racing, her time of 15.44 seconds placed her third in the long round in the short round she hit two barrels and placed 10th.

Breanna Reimler was the last girl out in the goat tying and had to have an 8.0 second run or faster to make the short round and she did just that tied and 8.0 and tied team mate Calby Hanson. Breanna had a smooth run in the short round and tied another 8.0 second goat and placed 2nd in the round and 3rd in the average.

The men’s team had a strong showing with the rough stock cowboys Dayton Johnston, Sam Thurston, Tayte Clark, Trig Clark and Tyrell Ward who was not on the point team.

Dayton Johnston won the bull riding again this weekend with an outstanding 83 point ride in the long round but was unable to get his short round bull rode. Dayton won 1st in the round and the average he is now currently sitting 2nd in the bull riding.

Tyrell Ward was 2nd in the long round on a nice little spinner he scored 69 points in the short round Ty was bucked off he ended up placing 2nd in the average. There were no qualified rides in the short round.

Tayte Clark rode his first round saddle bronc for 65 points which placed him 4th in the round in the short round Tayte put on a great spur ride on good bronc for 78 points and the short round win which placed him 2nd in the average. Tayte is currently sitting in 4th place in the region behind team mate Sam Thurston.

Sam Thurston rode tough bronc in the short round to place 5th in the short round Sam was unable to get his bronc rode and was bucked off. Sam is currently sitting 3rd in the region.

Trig Clark our lone bareback rider got on a weak horse in the long round and scored 56 points with no option. In the short round Trig got on a good horse and was 78 points to get the 2nd round win, which placed him 5th in the average.

The rodeo team will be competing in Casper this weekend.